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"SPRING RAINS (Ukraine)" 


SPRING RAINS (Ukraine) explores the rebirth of untouched meadows after a long winter, as remnants of dark clouds release refreshing rains that nurture the ground. These small works invite us to pause, and take a deep breath of fresh spring air as we observe the white and dark clouds dance across the skies. The rain refreshes our mind and soul, and brings hope of rejuvenation in the meadow of white, yellow and green.

In this series of twelve 12x12 inch works on stretched canvas, I sourced my inspiration from the Ukrainian landscape which gives us the colors of their flag, turquoise blue and sunflower yellow.

The sovereign nation of Ukrai
ne has been brutally invaded by Russian forces. As part of my contribution to help the Ukrainian people, I will donate part of the sales of these paintings to

$425 each

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